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   Gaharu Products (Produk produk gaharu)

Gaharu resin, oil and even gaharu woodchip can be turned into the following products:

1. Pure Agarwood Oil
2. Agarwood Chips
3. Agarwood Piece
4. Agarwood Chunk
5. Agarwood Crushing
6. Agarwood Stuffing
7. Agarwood Incense
8. Agarwood Tea
9. Agarwood Perfume
10. Agarwood Soap
11. Agarwood Lotion
12. Agarwood Cream
13. Agarwood Lip Balm
14. Agarwood Candle
15. Agarwood Shampoo
16. Agarwood Conditioner


Check out the details or gaharu products catalog from AgarHarvest