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   Gaharu News Big gaharu plantation earmarked at new Foochow Town Project in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

If things go according to plans, there will be a big gaharu plantation at the site of the new Foochow Town Project in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak in the near future.Besides that, gaharu trees will also be planted in other parts of the state.

The gaharu trees will not be just any gaharu trees but a hybrid “12-in-one species provided by Gaharu Technologies Sdn Bhd in Gopeng, Perak which owns the 120 ha Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng. The plantation which belongs to David Ho Kwan Meng, the Managing Director of Gaharu Technologies Sdn Bhd, is the latest tourist attraction in Perak, Peninsular Malaysia.

Sixty members of Persatuan Foochow Kota Samarahan and the Kota Samarahan Foochow Town Project led by Hu Kii Hing, the chairman of both the association and project, visited the gaharu plantation in Gopeng recently.

During the visit, Ho agreed in principle to transfer the planting and management of gaharu know-how to the Kota Samarahan Foochow Town Project.

He stressed to the New Sarawak Tribune during a special interview on his plantation that if the people of Sarawak were interested in planting gaharu trees, they should not plant just any gaharu trees.

“They must choose the good species. Soon, I will send maybe 25,000 seeds to Sarawak and teach them how to plant them. I will send the technology and technical know-how.” Ho explained that he had decided to help Hu because Hu was a good man.

“Hu is always thinking of other people. We share the same characteristics.

When Hu has planted many gaharu trees, I may enter into an OEM Manufacturing Agreement with him and his people.

There is no need for them to open factories or do research. Let them open up a very big market.

Let them make more money.

“We will cooperate with them but the details have not been worked out yet. Hu and I can talk and do business. He is now meeting all those who are interested.” Ho said Hu visited his gaharu plantation for the first time last month.

“Hu has been travelling around the world looking for agarwood plantations. Actually, there are 17 agarwood species in the world, Most species can be used to make oil and resin. But our hybrid gaharu trees can make 36 types of products including gaharu tea, gaharu oil, gaharu chips, gaharu biscuits, gaharu tea eggs, gaharu ice-cream, gaharu cosmetics, gaharu mee and cancer medicine. Read more Gaharu Products

“We do not have our pharmaceutical licence yet. It is in progress. At the moment, we can only produce simple products However, the simple products are already helping so many people.” Ho also revealed that historic records many thousands years ago showed there were many uses of agarwood, also known as “Wood of God” or “Black Gold.” “In Chinese herbal medicines, every part of the agarwood is valuable including its leaves, skin, seeds, wood and roots.

There are many ways of producing agarwood tea and each method is unique in its own way. Gaharu aroma can stimulate the central nervous system and balance emotions.

“Scientific research has found that agarwood leaves contain high levels of anti-ageing, anti-cancer proterites such as Androsterone, Decanoic acid, Vitamin E, Demecolcine and Tranylcypromine,” he said.

At the same interview, after hearing the good news from Ho and his promise to help him, Hu declared: “This is the happiest moment in my life. I am already 64 years old.

“I am not thinking of my family when I suggested the gaharu plantation for the Foochow Town Project. All my children are grown up and educated. I am thinking of helping the ordinary people because I came from a very poor family.

“Ho is a very generous man.

Like me, he wants to help people change their lives and fate.” Hu also revealed initially, there were plans to plant rubber, oil palm and even vegetables in in the Foochow Town before the members finally opted for gaharu.

“We have been thinking of what to plant for many years. Last year, I read about Ho and his gaharu trees in the newspapers.” Since his return from Gopeng, Hu has been busy, spreading the good news from Ho to other members of Persatuan Foochow Kota Samarahan and landowners of the Foochow Town. He is urging the people, especially those from the Central and Northern Regions of Sarawak, to participate in the project.

Hu is also looking for the land to set up a gaharu factory.

Meanwhile, the association and Foochow Town working committee is planning to register a company and form a committee headed by Hu to take charge of the gaharu plantation. So far, the details have not been finalised.

Hu said a notice would be published in the local Mandarin and English newspapers to inform the Persatuan Foochow Kota Samarahan members and land owners of Foochow Town on the issue.

Recently, during the trip to Ho’s gaharu plantation in Gopeng, so enthusiastic were Hu and his members that they toured the plantation not once but twice in the course of three days.

Besides buying the various gaharu products sold by Ho’s company, they drank gaharu tea, ate gaharu tea eggs and tasted gaharu ice cream.

They hugged a 19-yearold gaharu tree for good luck.

Personally, Ho had had some of his wishes fulfilled after he hugged the tree.

They also touched and looked at a gaharu mother tree for which a potential buyer was believed to have offered RM1 million.

The tour members were surprised to learn that some Japanese had paid cash just to mediate under the trees from midnight to early morning.Breathing the fresh air in the gaharu plantation is believed to be good for health.

They were also surprised to learn that there were no mosquitoes in the gaharu plantation.

The ties between Hu and Ho strengthened during the tour, with Ho treating Hu and his tour members to lunch in Gopeng twice and Hu treating Ho to dinner in Ipoh twice.

In Ipoh, capital of Perak, which is about 20 km north of Gopeng, the tour members stayed at the four-star Syuen Hotel.

Hu plans to visit the gaharu plantation again with more members of the Persatuan Foochow Kota Samarahan and Foochow Town land owners in the near future. - Sarawak Tribune

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