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   Gaharu News Gaharu poaching in Taman Negara

Perhilitan Reactivates Collaboration With Malaysian Armed Forces

The Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) plans to reactivate its collaboration with the Malaysian Armed Forces to combat poaching and other illegal activities in Taman Negara here.

Pahang's Taman Negara superintendent Fakhrul Hatta Musa said the encroachment into the park was usually from illegal immigrants who poached wildlife and stole gaharu wood, which fetched high prices.

"We find it difficult to track them down as Taman Negara covers a vast area bordering three states, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang," he told Bernama after an Expedition Programme with the Media and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment here.

The programme was held between July 13 and 15 at the Pahang Taman Negara and South Jenderak Wildlife Conservation Centre to brief the media on the wildlife and their environment and Perhilitan's work.

Also present was Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment head of corporate communications Yamuna Perimalu.

Previously, Perhilitan and the armed forces had collaborated from 2002 to 2007 but halted the exercise due to the high costs involved, said Fakhrul.

"So far, the situation is under control and we have managed to detain a number of trespassers, both local and foreign, from January this year," he said.

Apart from the Armed Forces, Perhilitan also plans to work with the police, Immigration and Customs Departments and other authorities in relation to the offences committed by the trespassers, he added.

He also urged the public and related non-governmental organisations to play a more active role and inform Perhilitan of such encroachments or the sale of wildlife and plants from the park.

Describing Pahang Taman Negara , he said the park covered 248,121 hectares, mostly hilly terrain, with the three highest peaks being Mount Teku, Mount Tangga Dua Belas and Mount Tahan.

"The Tahan river which starts from Mount Tahan is the park's main water way," he said.

"Pahang Taman Negara has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, like the Sumateran Rhino, tigers, primates and several species endemic to the area including birds and fresh water turtles," explained Fakhrul, who was director of the Institute of Biodiversity, Bukit Rengit, Lanchang, Pahang before being appointed to the park here in June 2012.

He elaborated that the park's administrative centre was located at Kuala Tahan, which was its main entrance, and mentioned various control posts at the borders including Kuala Yu, Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Keniam.

Meanwhile, Yamuna said the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment main aim in organising the expedition , since 2010, was to strengthen ties with the media.

She said the public should be educated on the importance of conserving the nation's environment and wildlife.

More information on the Pahang Taman Negara is available at its website or from the Superintendent Office, Kuala Tahan, Jerantut, Pahang @ 09-2661122, she added.


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